Tajiquan - Taijiquan (Tai Chi Chuan) stile Yang, corsi in Torino con l'asd Taijiquan Samsara

Tai Ji Quan

Associazione Sportiva Dilettantistica Taijiquan Samsara

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2018 - 2019

class in Torino

Tai Chi Chuan

Yang Style

Classic chinese martial art

Taijiquan relaxes the body,

stabilizes emotions,

calms the mind.
The classic chinese martial art " Tai Chi Chuan" is well known for its sequence of slow and fluid movements that characterize it.

The execution of the chain of movements urges the proper alignment of the spine, resolves chronic muscle contractures, stimulates internal organs and the peripheral blood stream, regulates respiration thus restoring all the body's natural functions.

With the proper practice the body relaxes, the emotions are balanced, the mind becomes steady.

Body and mind integrity, however, are constantly subject to attacks by internal and external energies.

The martial aspect of Tai Chi Chuan therefore allows effective self-defense from external attacks by educating not to oppose but to control and redirect attacks. This same method is effective with inner conflicts which threaten the peace of mind and inner harmony.
a. s. d. Tajiquan Samsara
Via B. Spaventa 20
10134 Torino- Italy
Updated at
28 giu 2018
byYeshey Namgyal
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