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Thursday 21 February 2019 in the gym of via Barrili 4 / A-Turin at 7.00 pm presentation of the Shaolinquan course, classical form of physical discipline taught for the first time at Shaolin Monastery in China 1500 years ago by Bodhidharma (Da Mo) - the founder of Chan Buddhism (Zen).
For a trial lesson we recommend a comfortable sportswear and footwear.

Annual Taijiquan course for everyone

from Tuesday 2 October 2018 from 19.00 to 20.30


via Anton Giulio Barrili 4 / A, Turin

[tram 4 (Military District bus stop), bus 14, 14 /, 63]

for information on the course: COURSE PAGE

Tai Ji Quan meetings at the park

Tai Ji Quan meetings to be introduced to the annual course, open to all, at the Cavalieri Park of Vittorio Veneto, piazzale Grande Torino, G. Ferraris corner of the Sebastopoli, at 7.00 pm on days:

Tuesday 11 September *
Tuesday 18 September *
Tuesday 25 September *

* in case of bad weather the activity will not take place.

In October the annual Tai Chi Chuan course will begin. Courses in Personal Defense, Tui Shou and Chi Kung will also be activated.

in May and June 2018 the Tai Ji Quan course also on Thursday from 19.00 to 20.30

gymnasium of the Parish of San Giorgio Martire via Anton Giulio Barrili 4 / A, Turin

All Sport Day

The A.S.D.Taijiquan Samsara participates in the All Sport Day on Saturday 20 May from 3.00 pm at the "CH4 Sporting Club" in via Trofarello 10, Turin with an open Taijiquan lesson, Tui Shou, and more.
Everyone can participate in formal introductions to Tai Chi Chuan or attend brief demonstrations by school students.

A.S.D.Taijiquan Samsara proposes a cycle of 6 meetings on the theme:

Myths and Realities of Personal Defense

Through the discussion and practice of some typical self-defense techniques, an alternative point of view to the "pret a porter" self-defense is proposed today so much in vogue.

Self defense is a tricky and complex terrain. The knowledge of some technique is only a support to a more general ability to manage a condition of danger.

To govern a difficult situation it is necessary to know how to recognize and interpret the threat, be aware of the context, have an appropriate posture, defend the distance, react ethically and legally acceptable. All this cannot be separated from an improvement in physical condition and motor skills, even if it is not the main aspect at stake.

It is not trivial to underline that reality will always be very different from a practice of gym and remember the three boulders that loom over self-defense: our ego, the pain threshold, the "herbivore shock".

The objective of the meetings is to suggest that taking care of self-defense can be an opportunity to become a carer, more calm, more aware, ultimately better. Objective achieved through simple exercises in a relaxed and non-competitive atmosphere.

Every Thursday, from March 9th to April 13th, from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm

gymnasium of the Parish of San Giorgio Martire

via Anton Giulio Barrili 4/A, Turin

Pathgate Institute of Buddhist Studies

For the benefit of the many Italian students who took refuge with Ven. Lama Dondrup Dorje, in January 2011, a version of the site was launched in Italian.

The Italian version of the Pathgate website offers many pages of teachings and instructions, other pages are newly added additions.

The site contains an introduction to the activities of the Pathgate Institute of Buddhist Studies, a brief biography of Ven. Lama Dondrup Dorje, recent news from the Institute and the lecture program of Ven. Lama Dondrup Dorje in Italy and the world. Other pages include parts of the Gate of Dharma, Buddhist Medicine and Care, an introduction to Qigong, and 108 gems of Wisdom for daily reflections.

To visit the site:

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