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Internal Regulation

the Association

1. The rules and times of the gym are an essential part of sports activity.

2. The place where the training takes place deserves maximum respect.

3. Each training session begins and ends with a greeting to the instructor.

4. Each student is an opportunity for other practitioners to learn, which is why they express gratitude to their partner by greeting at the beginning and at the end of the couple's training.

5. It is not allowed to wear jewelry in the gym.

6. The student must wait to be invited to train and in any case you cannot train without the supervision of a qualified instructor and you cannot try any technique without the presence of the instructor.

7. Particular physical conditions and unusual events must be reported to the main instructor before the start of each lesson. Likewise, any particular occurrence occurring during training must be reported immediately to the instructor.

8. The instructions of the main instructor must always be observed. To them the students answer "Om" as a sign of attention and respect. During the training the students will have to work in silence and in respect of their training partner.

9. The student must never leave the training session without the instructor's permission.

10. The student will have to get to training in sufficient time to do the warm-up exercises.

11. The student must, during training, wear the traditional Sam and the badges of the different grades obtained.

12. The student should not bring any objects to the gym except those specific for training.

13. Students who are absent from lessons for more than a week are required to inform their instructor of the reasons that prevented them from training. The readmission to the course is not given for certain but evaluated case by case.

14. It is compulsory for the student, to enter the exam, to take part in at least two of the stages planned annually. Failure to participate in the internships will prevent the student from taking the higher exam. At the beginning of each year of the course all the students take an exam to check the grades already achieved. In any case, the first year of attendance is considered a trial year.

15. The student will have to follow the established program and cannot use any technique outside his gym, except in cases of extreme necessity and to protect himself.

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